End User Support (Jet Express - GP)

This section provides details on the support that is offered with Jet Express.

End User Support (Jet Express - GP)

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Jet Express for Microsoft Dynamics GP provides Microsoft Dynamics® GP customers additional value through improved ad-hoc Reporting and Analysis in Microsoft Excel®. It is available at no charge to users of Microsoft Dynamics GP version 9 and higher.

The Jet Express community site is the primary venue for end-user support for Jet Express (GP). It is a community-based question-and-answer forum that encourages users to ask and answer questions. This site is dedicated to Jet Express - if you are a Jet Reports customer who is using Jet Essentials or Jet Enterprise, please visit our support site at https://jetsupport.jetreports.com/.

On the Jet Express community site, questions are raised and primarily answered by the user community. The support staff will attempt to let the community support itself, but if technical support questions are not answered within 48 hours, a member of the support staff will usually respond.

Some topics that are considered to be technical support issues are:
• Questions about software compatibility and hardware requirements
• Issues regarding Jet Report installation and configuration
• Jet Report error messages
• Jet Functions returning #VALUE errors

The Jet Express community site also includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Jet Express Resource Page
Product Downloads, tutorial videos, help topics, free reports and dashboards are available on the Jet Express (GP) Resource page at http://www.jetexpressforgp.jetreports.com/
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