Multiple XML Document Errors using Table Builder for NAV

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Multiple XML Document Errors using Table Builder for NAV

Postby andieduplantis » Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:46 am


I'm attempting to build a report of shipped/invoiced orders that pulls data from Value Entries or Item Ledger Entries posted in Navision 2015. I am basing my report on one of these tables, rather than Invoices, in order to pull info about the product Lot used to fulfill the order. To bring in customer information and item information, I have linked the primary table (either Item Ledger Entries or Value Entries) to the Customer, Item, and Sales Invoice Header tables.

The Table Builder works correctly and the report looks normal in Design mode; however, when I run the report, I get the #VALUE! error...and when I debug I get the error "Invoking the web service failed with the following message: There is an error in the XML document (1, ######)". The XML document referenced in the debug error message varies, depending on the report columns included. I've tried changing around the columns, and get a different XML error every time, including: (1, 309317); (1, 272195); (1, 286769); (1, 272185); (1, 192698); (1, 122935); and (1, 178860).

I have been using Jet Express successfully for several months; these errors only started to occur recently.

I appreciate any help or guidance that anyone can offer. Thank you!!
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Re: Multiple XML Document Errors using Table Builder for N

Postby HPDeskJet » Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:20 pm

Hello -

We've only seen that error one other time - with an older version of Jet Essentials 2012R2 used with a Web Services connection to NAV.

The issue turned out to be related to a particular character (the Euro symbol) in the database. Web Services had an issue when that symbol was combined with the "&" character.

So... that leads me to a few questions.

First, are you using the latest version of Jet Express?

Next, are you using a Web Services connection?

If so, is your NAV database located on the same domain as your installation of Excel? (and, thus, could you try the SQL Server connection, instead?)


Are you able to query data from EVERY tables you mention ('Item Ledger Entry', 'Value Entry', 'Customer', 'Item', 'Sales Invoice Header') *INDIVIDUALLY* ?

Do you see any... "interesting" characters in any field of any of those tables (when viewed within NAV)?
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